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Compatible with all Ford radio models — V Series, M Series, Blaupunkt & more.

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Enter your radio's serial number into the generator above and press the magic button to see the 4-digit radio code. Yes, that's all!

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This Ford radio code generator is compatible with most radio models. It accepts V Series, M Series, Blaupunkt, and Sanyo.

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All the radio codes you can generate in this web application are generated automatically and completely free. No tricks!

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Ford radio code

What is a radio code?

The radio code is part of a system that protects your audio system. As soon as the stereo unit detects a power interruption, the system becomes unusable and can only be reactivated by entering the secret code. You can generate the 4-digit code for your radio on this web app by only providing with the serial number.

Serial number of 6000 CD radio on screen

What is the serial number?

The serial number is a unique identifier assigned to each stereo unit. Depending on the model, you can see this identifier on the radio screen (for 6000 CD, 4500 RDS EON, or Sony models) or on the sticker attached to the side of the radio. Please note that you must remove the radio to see this sticker. Visit our forum for additional help.

Entering the radio code

How to enter the code

Ford car radios usually have a very atypical method for inserting the pin. Start by turning on the radio and making sure it asks for the code. Next, press the button as many times as necessary to enter the first digit of the code. Continue with button 2 for the second digit. Do the same with buttons 3 and 4. Press button 5 (for models like 6000 CD and 4500 RDS) or * (asterisk) for models like SONY CD.